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Imagine...Personalized Nutrition with someone who understands the challenges.

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Lifestyle and weight loss are a roller coaster and information on nutrition is so confusing. Imagine having a lifestyle partner that not only understands your ups and downs, but will keep you accountable by providing you with solutions that work for your lifestyle.

Yes, our programs use peer reviewed research but the key element is to listen to your needs and offer a common sense approach so that you can lose weight, manage chronic disease and inflammation, or help your employees live better with our on-site @Work program. There's a Simply For Life Program waiting for you!

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Imagine...Personalized Nutrition with someone who understands the challenges.

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The Natural Market

The Natural Market is your one-stop-shop for healthy foods, supplements, and meals. All our locations are fully stocked with exclusive Simply For Life products and other leading health food brands to make shopping easy for members and non-members alike! Everything in the Natural Market meets the Simply For Life standard for quality and only contains healthy, natural ingredients that fit with your meal plan. Not on a plan? Stop in and have the peace of mind that the products you’re buying have only quality ingredients. Best of all just come in and feel our positive vibe!

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Kay S.

What I love most about Simply for Life is that I don’t feel like I am on a diet.

I had been wanting to lose weight for a while but struggled on my own. My nutritionist is amazing, she motivates me and always celebrates the little milestones. It didn’t happen overnight, it took a lot of work to get where I am, and I am still going to continue.

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Kay S. Kay S.

Charles L.

I lost close to 40 pounds! I’m able to handle my stress better, sleep better at night, and have more energy.

After 3 months of healthy eating and exercising on a regular basis, I lost close to 40 pounds! I’m able to handle my stress better, sleep better at night, and have more energy. You’re in a better mood but overall you just feel like a whole new person. Your friends and family will also see a change in you both physically and attitude wise. I also quit smoking after 17 years!

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Charles L. Charles L.

Marley E.

Life is about balance, and I have finally found the balance I always needed.

SFL has not only helped me but also my family become the healthiest we can be. My energy is so much higher. I am so much happier knowing I now have the knowledge on proper nutrition, ingredients, and all around just eating better whole foods that I enjoy.

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Marley E. Marley E.

Cynthia S.

For the first time it wasn't about the number, it was about the mind, body and soul.

I've struggled with my weight my entire life. To overcome my challenges I have participated in weight loss programs in the past and it's always been about the number on the scale. When I met Scott Anderson at a work wellness event back in the Fall of 2019, my outlook on weight loss changed. During my first assessment, I was asked what my goal was, my answer was my health.

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Cynthia S. Cynthia S.

Jennifer S.

Learning HOW to eat and WHY I eat has changed my life!

I joined Simply for Life to lose weight but I have found so much more! 117 pounds down and counting is great, but most importantly, being able to be active and pain free, enjoying my life and my family. This had been the greatest gift for all of us.

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Jennifer S. Jennifer S.

Karen S.

If you are looking for support, guidance and a path to a healthier lifestyle I would recommend Simply for Life and the journey they will support you on.

With Scott’s support, guidance and amazing knowledge to find the right meal plan that worked for me. I was able to lose the 10 lbs that I could not lose on my own, which I had been successful at in the past. The Staff at Simply for Life are incredible and very helpful when shopping in their market.

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Karen S. Karen S.

Connie C.

I feel better in my clothes and am more confident in myself.

I became a member of SFL at a time in my life where I felt like everything was out of control. My body, my health and my mind needed an overhaul. Fast forward to the present, I am in control of my exercise, my meals and my attitude. Eating whole becomes a way of life and a mindset. I am my best version of ME!

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Connie C. Connie C.

You can’t find it anywhere else!

Simply For Life prides itself on its clean, raw, natural supplement and protein lines. No fillers and no BS. Just everything you need to keep a healthy body and strong immune system. You’ve got our Simply For Life stamp of approval and that’s something to feel good about!

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Maintaining the New You

Overcoming the Odds

The Story of Founder Bruce Sweeney

“In 2001, based on extensive research, I developed a program that combined a multitude of nutritional indexes and key data to enable each person to receive the right balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, fats and carbohydrates with the key focus on eating food the way nature intended. I knew, through many years of research, that with the right foods, it was possible to achieve optimal health by living better, happier and longer .

We all have different biological needs, there is no one-size-fits-all.

My philosophy is to find the ultimate set of tools for our clients. It’s simple – eat real food. Don’t count calories. Don’t count carbs. The Mediterranean countries that I’ve researched so far that have the best quality of life, greatest longevity, and lowest incidence of chronic disease, just eat real food.”

  • Bruce Sweeney


Bruce and Claudine SweeneySimply For Life Founders