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the underlying cause of food craving

One of the biggest reasons why most ‘diets’ don’t work long term, is because they do nothing to get to the root of what caused the mental, emotional or dietary imbalance in the first place.

If you find yourself either giving in to cravings or constantly using every ounce of your willpower to avoid eating what you are craving, you are just suppressing your appetite…and your feelings. BUT THIS CAN CHANGE…The journey to end emotional eating isn’t an easy one. Recognizing the issues that are causing the cravings will allow you to create space, increase your awareness and over time will weaken your cravings. “Changed actions and a changed life will follow.”

1st step: Keep a detailed food/ trigger journal According to Jack Hollis, PhD the author of a study on the concept of keeping track of foods, which appeared in 2008 in the American journal of preventative medicine, “The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost, at the end of the year people ate 40% less.”

-Along with what you eat, jot down what you are feeling when you experience food cravings and when you eat specific foods.

This can force a confrontation between you and your emotions which is key to your ultimate freedom from cravings.

2nd step: Take a 20-minute cool-off period Go for a quick walk, run a quick errand or throw yourself into an intense house- cleaning activity and stay out of the kitchen or wherever the trigger food may be.

YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THIS, so be strict with yourself!

Allow the cravings to pass.

3rd step: Use Mental Imagery as a diversion Studies have linked cravings to specific mental imagery. The more you picture the food you are craving, the stronger the craving will be.

Start thinking of anything else that makes you happy like your favorite movie, a cute puppy, pretty flowers etc.

4th step: Purify your mouth Most cravings begin with intense feelings in your mind and then are transmitted to your mouth. Start carrying around gum, mints or get an herbal tea or even go brush your teeth. You can purify that part of your body and bypass your craving
5th step: Love Yourself It might be silly to read this here at first, but perform an act of appreciation towards yourself. The more you practice little acts of love towards yourself, the less you will need to compensate with food for comfort.

“I create balance in all aspects of life.”

Your Guide to Eating Out

Let’s face it, we all like to indulge and eat out at a restaurant every once in a while. Unfortunately, restaurants aren’t always the most health conscious places. With oversized portions and sometimes not the best quality ingredients, restaurants can be hard to navigate.

Here are some tips for eating out!

When ordering, always ask for the dressing on the side and easy on the oil when cooking. A good trick to use in order to make sure your order comes as requested is to play the “I’m allergic” card, works every time! They’ll pay attention and deliver on your request.


This is the most important meal to set you on the right track for the rest of the day. Here are guidelines for ordering.

Best Choices:
-Omelettes (whole eggs with veggies is ideal, ask for them to go was on the oil for your omelette or make it with butter, no margarine!)
-Boiled or poached eggs
-Fresh fruit
-Whole grain bread
-Natural yogurt (unflavoured)
-Raw veggies on the side

Lunch & Dinner

It’s all about balance, not restriction. If you fuel yourself right, you’ll be satisfied and not famished, so the food will not be your focus.

Best Choices:
-If you are eating buffet ora la carte, find your protein source (chicken, beef, pork, fish).
-Serve with your choice of vegetables and salad.
-Try to find healthy carbs such as brown rice, whole grain pasta sweet potato, whole grain wraps or pita.
-Watch your portions at any buffet.

Tip: Plan to have your carbs at breakfast or lunch every single day.

Stay away from: Anything fried, creamy, processed (hot dogs, deli meat), covered in sauce, unidentifiable.


Best choice:

For alcohol, your best choices are
-Red wine
-Straight spirits (tequila, vodka, white rum) mixed with sparkling water, fresh lemon/lime.

With these guidelines and tips you should be able to conquer any restaurant visit!

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