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Fruit Infused Water Ideas

Water is essential to all known forms of life. We know we can live without food for weeks but not water. During the hustle of everyday life we must not forget to drink our water. Mix it up a little with naturally flavoured water.

Here are a few flavour ideas to try today:

  • Raspberry (or strawberry) and lemon – any berry paired with lemon ends up with a light lemonade flavor!
  • Watermelon mint – super refreshing!
  • Tropical (mango pineapple) – this one comes out sweeter than the others, but in a totally good way!
  • Citrus cucumber (lemon, lime, orange, cucumber)
  • Strawberries, basil, lemon
  • Strawberry, lime, cucumber
  • Grapefruit, rosemary
  • Other fruits to try: apples, honeydew, cantalope, blueberries, blackberries, peaches
  • Try fresh herbs too! Rosemary, basil, mint
  • Add desired fruits to a pitcher and then fill with water. Allow fruit to soak for 2-8 hours in the fridge and then enjoy! If you’re using herbs, grind them a bit before you put in pitcher. You can add as much or as little fruit as you prefer. Add more fruit to your water for more flavor and sweetness.

Real Stories: Renee

Hello my name is Renee,
My journey started two years ago when I realized I had to make a change. After having back surgery my weight increased and I was no longer comfortable in my own skin. I decided it was time to do something for myself and after trying several methods of dieting, I turned to Simply For Life.

Thanks to the encouragement and support I received from Mike and the entire staff I am no longer on a diet; I have successfully made a lifestyle change. Simply For Life focuses on the way you look at food and exercise. I now follow a daily exercise regime and I feel healthy and happy. I no longer awake feeling tired and worn out before the day begins.

Has it been a long journey? Yes it has. Was it worth it? Yes; but to know that I am a positive role model for my daughter gives me the determination to continue. I have lost 38lbs to date and still going strong. I am this close to reaching my goal. Simply For Life and Mike in particular have become a second family to me, one that I am thankful each day for.