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Alexis Dugas

In September 2018, before back to school, like every years I was back to school shopping for new clothes. I hat this moment. For me it was always a big ordeal, because every summer, I was gaining weight. But this year was worse than usual. I walking in and out of the dressing room with tears in my eyes. My mother’s heart broke to see me like this. I realized that I had taken on weight… 222.4lbs, up from 38lbs.

On the way back, we didn’t talk much, I was so sad. At one point , I asked my mom if she ever needed to do a weight loss program and she shared her experience with Simply For Life

I was turning 13 soon and I said to my mom: for my birthday gift could you sign me up at Simply For Life? Mom said to me “if that’s what you really want I’ll find out, but I don’t know at 13 they’re going to be able to work with you. I thanked her and when I arrived at home, mom immediately told me that I had an appointment with Michel the next day!

The meeting was magical. I already had confidence and was ready to commit immediately. Michel sent me a meal plan and I started to cook! Yes I’m preparing all my meals myself and I find I really enjoy cooking. Week after week there was a weight loss of 3 pounds and sometimes even 6 points. Mom saw me transform before her eyes, physically of course, but psychologically too. My self-esteem, my posture, my way of walking and my beautiful smile, everything had changed.

When my mom asks me what Michel has done for me, I answer: Michel thought me the right way to eat and always encouraged me and continues to do so. My mom asked also how I feel now that I’ve lost 50 pounds and I said “So good mom!” That’s all she wanted to hear, she’ll never regret giving me this birthday present.

On the road guidelines

Traveling for work or pleasure requires planning. We mostly focus on the accommodations, car, flights, schedules and our food routine often falls to the sidelines. Like all the other components of travel, it’s all in the planning and preparation.

Checklist of must-haves for any travel:

  • Lunch bag – to stock quick go to snacks
  • Nuts & trail mixes (make your own combination of various nuts, coconut flakes, dried fruit (without oil/sugar)
  • Quest or Larabars
  • Fruits (all varieties) – many fruit don’t require any prep work, so they are quick to pick up and put in the bag
  • Veggies (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots…)
  • Now if you only have a few items in your bag, you’re o to a good start. If you’re driving, then it becomes even easier. There are plenty of opportunities to stock up at a grocery store, market or even some gas stops o er decent choices.
  • If you’re flying, your lunch bag is even more crucial. Airplane menus should be avoided. Some Airports now have great options, just let us know which air- port you’re flying through and we can give you the options available.

    The key is to not be tempted by all the savoury & sweet snacks available at all convenience stops. If you’re well prepared and make the smart choice, you’ll have a great road trip!

    Accommodations tip

    When making your hotel selection, a great way to stay on track, save time and money is to get a room with a refrigerator & microwave. Not all hotels/rooms have them, but you should always ask. You’ll your fridge quick go-to snacks and won’t get the urge to hit the vending machines.

    The Continental Breakfast:

    Nowadays most hotels o er a free continental breakfast. Some are good, some are bad. They might look like they o er many choices, but in reality it’s limited if you want to start the day o right with a nutritious breakfast.

    Tips & Choices

    • Fruit (apples, oranges, banana…)
    • Eggs (check if they have boiled eggs)
    • Plain yogurt
    • Oatmeal (plain, not the flavoured packs)
    • Whole wheat/grain toast (1 slice & make sure to have protein (eggs) if having bread)


    • Danishes , pastries or doughnuts
    • Pancakes or waffles
    • Bacon, sausage, ham
    • White bread, bagels, English muffins, croissants • Sugary cereals
    • Juices, pop • Muffins

    Every Day Workouts

    Don’t have enough time during the day to go to the gym or exercise? It’s a common belief, but did you know that being active every day, even when you are your busiest, will help minimize stress and actually give you more energy? It’s true!

    Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your busy, everyday routine.

    • When going shopping park further away from the en¬trance so you get a small brisk walk in.
    • When standing up from a seated position try using your legs to stand instead of pulling yourself up with your arms.
    • Do a set of bicep curls with your grocery bags before putting them in the car.
    • Use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.
    • When standing in line stand on one foot and use all those little muscles you don’t realize you have.
    • Instead of going to the fridge during commercial breaks do wall-push ups.
    • When walking hold your stomach in from telephone pole to the next, then relax for one, hold for one. It’s a great ab workout.
    • Do some squats while waiting at bus stop.
    • Do a set of lunges each morning when you get out of bed.
    • Small changes can add up to big health rewards if you choose to make them!