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Jeff Campbell

November 6th 2007 was the day I changed my life. It was the day I decided to take control of my life and join Simply For Life. I weighed 402 pounds, had a 5XL shirt and wore a tight 58 inch pants. I was nervous, scared and ashamed of myself. I remember sitting waiting for my appointment, having hundreds of thoughts going through my head wondering am i going to be able to do this, can I lose all this weight by myself. Then I met Devin Leblanc, and quickly learned I was not alone. We sat down and talked about a meal plan that would work for me. I was sceptical at first because being a picky eater I didn’t think we would find the right foods that would fit into the meal plan. After one week of being on the plan I jumped on the scale with Devin and lost ten pounds. I still don’t know who was more excited myself or Devin. We both knew I had a huge hill to climb so we decided to take one week at a time. Weeks turned into months and ten pounds turned into a hundred. Devin kept me motivated by always getting me to try new things and setting small achievable goals.

For the people who read this letter my advice to you is simple. Don’t start tomorrow or wait until Monday, because Monday never comes. Make today the day you change your life and let Simply For Life help you help yourself.

To the people at Simply For Life I say Thank you, especially to Devin. Who knows where my life would be today if we never met. Thankfully because of you I can lead a life that I want to lead and not one that was lead by my weight. I’m forever grateful and you have a friend for life, and for that I say Thanks! Thanks for not giving up on me, providing me with motivation and dedication and for just being a friend

Create and Achieve your own Smart Goals

TITLE: Create and Achieve your own smart Goals

So, you’ve spent time dreaming about being healthy and feeling good, but remember: “A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

Make sure you have a goal and a plan in place and stick with it. Try the SMART goals method when it comes to your health:

Pick a goal: ie drink your 2 litres of water on Monday, or everyday this week. Use these guidelines to make sure your goal is achiev¬able and that you will reach it:

  • Specific: your goal must be specific.
  • Measurable: you need to be able to measure it.
  • Attainable: is it attainable? If not you need to re-adjust your goal.
  • Realistic: it must be something that is realistic for the time of year.
  • Time related: give it a deadline.
  • Come up with barriers that may hinder you to attain your goal and try to figure out how to overcome those barriers before they happen.