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Meet our Ambassadors

Jennifer Smith

Member since 2019

Tiffanie Bates

Member since 2017

Be a leader in health!

Being a Simply For Life Ambassador means gaining access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals across Canada. Together, we share nutritional information, healthy living tips, recipes, and more.

Inspire the people around you to live better, longer, and happier lives. As a Simply For Life Ambassador, you help others learn about the importance of food and nutrition on their health and well-being.

Use your platforms to share your stories. We work with our Ambassadors to help spread the word on social media through our Simply For Life accounts.

You’re a good fit for our Ambassador Program if you:

Are a current or past Simply For Life member, or use Simply For Life products

Have seen the impact of the Simply For Life lifestyle

Are enthusiastic about the benefits of health, nutrition, and wellness

Are active on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Want to inspire others to live better, healthier lives