TipsJan 15 - 2020

Getting over food guilt

Shame, guilt, disgust… What else do you feel towards yourself after giving in to the temptation of ‘not so good’ food? It’s normal to indulge in a few drinks, maybe a few chips you hadn’t intended to eat. There’s no need to feel guilty. Just get back on track!

Accept that perfectionism isn’t realistic. The “all or nothing” approach does not work, ever. PERIOD. You need to find some balance and that’s where your SFL consultant can help. One bad meal will not ruin your week or your weight loss efforts. Life happens. One dietary mistake doesn’t mean you’re a failure, nor is it a green light for binge-eating. You can’t change the past. Obsessing isn’t going to do anything except make you more and more anxious and prolong the guilt. Acknowledge what happened and keep moving forward with healthy lifestyle choices most of the time that nourish your body.

Be Kind to Yourself. We tend to be pretty mean towards ourselves. If we spoke to our friends the way we talk to ourselves, we would not have any friends. Treat yourself with respect, and learn to forgive yourself. You can be full of understanding and accepting of other people, so why not be kind to the person who matters most: yourself?

Negative emotions effect weight loss. Negative emotions have negative effects on your body. They hinder digestion, create stress, effect self-confidence and body image. Harboring negative feelings toward yourself about bad choices, can be worse than consuming the inferior food in the first place.

Remember that being healthy is about finding joy and balance in the things you do and eat!

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