Simply For Life Riverview

At Simply For Life Riverview, we empower people in our community to achieve their ultimate health by adopting simple yet profound nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our program is based on real, whole food, and lots of motivation and accountability. It’s that simple.

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You’ll work with your consultant to determine the best option for your needs. We offer in person consultations or online consultations for those who are unable to get into the clinic. Nutrition Transition: Each week our Nutrition Experts motivate with vital nutritional 
information and transition your meal plan as your body is rejuvenated with wholesome foods.
  • Weekly teaching & coaching
  • Customized meal plans
  • Food journal
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Managing Solo is the most important part of the program. Achieve your health goals and graduate to the best part of the program – maintenance.
  • Bi-weekly teaching & coaching
  • Creating your own meal plans
  • Learn to introduce favourite foods
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Health Freedom: This is the beginning of a healthier life. Empower is like a touchstone. Once a month, meet with your nutrition expert for a quick check-up to keep grounded and on track.
  • Monthly teaching & coaching
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
  • Gain your health freedom!
We also offer specialty programs such as our Transform – Fat Burn Protocol, Digestive Cleanse, Restorative Detox and tailored competition programs for athletes of any sport or skill level. SFL @work programs can also be arranged through your workplace, and we offer single individual meal plans if you're just looking for a taste of Simply For Life. Contact us today to find out more! Book a Consultation

Meet the Team

Natasha Roberts, Franchisee

Natasha has been interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle since her time at university. This involved working as a certified fitness instructor and participating in competitions prior to pursuing a 17-year career with the federal government. Finding it difficult to return to her pre-pregnancy weight after the birth of her second child, Natasha tried a variety of weight loss approaches before experiencing success on the Simply For Life program. Losing over thirty pounds in only 4 months was enough to convince her and Natasha has preached the benefits of Simply For Life ever since. When the opportunity arose recently to become a Simply For Life franchise operator, it was an easy choice to make. Now managing SFL’s Riverview location, Natasha promotes the importance of making positive nutritional choices while actively pursuing a balanced and healthy lifestyle overall. When she isn't meeting clients or helping out in the Natural Food Market, Natasha can be found cooking, spending quality time outdoors with her husband and two school-aged children or participating in a Pilates class.

Tammy McCullough, HNC & Nutrition Consultant

Tammy is passionate about working with people to help them attain their wellness goals. Incorporating the power of nutrition with mindful life practices Tammy is able to support clients to reach their goals. To achieve success Tammy believes clients must be accountable, motivated and confident in making healthy lifestyle choices. Tammy believes mindful eating and making time for family food preparation strengths and bonds families together ensuring a lifetime of fun and healthy lifestyle choices. Tammy is a graduate of CSNN, a practicing reflexologist, owner of the Vibrant Sole and a member of the alliance of professional naturopath and naturoptherapist

Gillian Crooks, Nutrition Consultant

I grew up in Sackville NB, and have always had an interest in sports and fitness. At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I allowed the disease to control my life for many years. I was in and out of hospitals and a pin cushion for medications. Then I discovered the power of a natural, whole foods diet, coupled with a healthy lifestyle. The results have been amazing. I have gone from a wheelchair to a cane to losing my vision to now crossing the finish line of numerous half marathons. I now have my sights set on a full marathon and triathlons in the near future. Living a natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the last 10 years along with my personal training, work and experiences as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share those experiences, passion, knowledge and education to help others on their path to optimal health by being a part of the Simply For Life Team.

Cheryl Parrish, Nutrition Consultant

Cheryl Parrish has over 20 years experience in the food industry, working as a catering and pastry chef as well as creating and teaching Healthy Cooking Programs within the Moncton NB. community. Her teaching career began with a degree in Education from McGill University, specializing in the field of Home Economics in 1985, but her true passion to study in the field of nutrition was reached in 2013 with her completion of the Holistic Nutrition Program offered by The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition - CSNN Upon graduation, Cheryl began her own company; Health Quest Nutritional Counselling & Teaching Kitchen, where she combines her cooking and teaching skills with her holistic nutrition knowledge. She provides hands-on interactive cooking classes to CSNN students and also to the general public. Through small group classes that begin with “kitchen table” nutrition talks and continue into the kitchen creating healthy meals, Cheryl’s goal is to build awareness of the very powerful connection between our health and what is at the end of our fork!