Simply For Life Bedford

At Simply For Life Bedford, we empower people in our community to achieve their ultimate health by adopting simple yet profound nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our program is based on real, whole food, and lots of motivation and accountability. It’s that simple.

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You’ll work with your consultant to determine the best option for your needs. We offer in person consultations or online consultations for those who are unable to get into the clinic. Nutrition Transition: Each week our Nutrition Experts motivate with vital nutritional information and transition your meal plan as your body is rejuvenated with wholesome foods.
  • Weekly teaching & coaching
  • Customized meal plans
  • Food journal
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Managing Solo is the most important part of the program. Achieve your health goals and graduate to the best part of the program – maintenance.
  • Bi-weekly teaching & coaching
  • Creating your own meal plans
  • Learn to introduce favourite foods
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Health Freedom: This is the beginning of a healthier life. Empower is like a touchstone. Once a month, meet with your nutrition expert for a quick check-up to keep grounded and on track.
  • Monthly teaching & coaching
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
  • Gain your health freedom!
We also offer specialty programs such as our Transform – Fat Burn Protocol, Digestive Cleanse, Restorative Detox and tailored competition programs for athletes of any sport or skill level. SFL @work programs can also be arranged through your workplace, and we offer single individual meal plans if you're just looking for a taste of Simply For Life. Contact us today to find out more! Book a Consultation

Meet the Team

Lizzie Stewart RD, Nutrition Consultant

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lizzie Stewart is a Registered Dietitian with over a decade of experience as a Red Seal Chef. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition. Lizzie’s passion is to empower people to live healthy and happy lives by harnessing the power of nutrition. As a Chef, Lizzie is able to provide practical tips and ideas allowing you to easily incorporate healthy practices into your daily life. Due to her culinary background, Lizzie approaches food not only scientifically - as a source of nutrients for the body - but also as a source of pleasure and entertainment. She strives to help individuals manage their health concerns and weight as well as to break free of harmful “diet culture.” In her free time Lizzie enjoys an active lifestyle including swimming, biking, and group fitness classes. She also likes to engage in her community by providing free healthy cooking classes to residents of the North End Halifax area. When she’s not cooking or eating, Lizzie can be found at the local library. She is a compulsive reader of both novels and the latest nutrition research. Lizzie is also a devoted cat-mom and art enthusiast. Lizzie believes everyone deserves a sustainable and joyful relationship with food, and strives to help them reach their health goals as deliciously as possible. She uses a personalized approach, is a non-judgmental listener, and receives each individual with compassion and warmth.

Nicole MacPherson RD, Nutrition Consultant

Registered dietitian Nicole discovered her passion for nutrition while looking for a career that would allow her to make a life at home after spending time working in the Alberta oilfield. Having grown up in small-town Nova Scotia, she loves the people and the culture of the Maritimes and recognizes that food is a part of our identity (with the exception of boiled-to-death vegetables, which she just can’t get behind). Straightforward and easygoing, Nicole delivers nutrition education in a simple to understand way. Her approach to counselling emphasizes whole foods, helping people achieve balance in their lives without feelings of restriction. Despite her sweet demeanour, Nicole has often been described as “feisty” and is not afraid to give you a push when you need it. Anyone who has spent time in her home or her car knows Nicole is never without CBC Radio playing in the background; she is always up for a chat about your favourite program. A mother to two young children, Nicole’s hobbies include sorting, washing and folding laundry. Nicole understands the demands of a busy life; she works side-by-side with clients to develop realistic, customized plans that fit into their lives