Simply For Life Enfield

At Simply For Life Enfield, we empower people in our community to achieve their ultimate health by adopting simple yet profound nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our program is based on real, whole food, and lots of motivation and accountability. It’s that simple.


You’ll work with your consultant to determine the best option for your needs. Nutrition Transition: Each week our Nutrition Experts motivate with vital nutritional information and transition your meal plan as your body is rejuvenated with wholesome foods.
  • Weekly teaching & coaching
  • Customized meal plans
  • Food journal
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Managing Solo is the most important part of the program. Achieve your health goals and graduate to the best part of the program – maintenance.
  • Bi-weekly teaching & coaching
  • Creating your own meal plans
  • Learn to introduce favourite foods
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Health Freedom: This is the beginning of a healthier life. Empower is like a touchstone. Once a month, meet with your nutrition expert for a quick check-up to keep grounded and on track.
  • Monthly teaching & coaching
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
  • Gain your health freedom!
We also offer specialty programs such as our Transform – Fat Burn Protocol, Digestive Cleanse, Restorative Detox and tailored competition programs for athletes of any sport or skill level. SFL @work programs can also be arranged through your workplace, and we offer single individual meal plans if you're just looking for a taste of Simply For Life. Contact us today to find out more!

Meet the Team

Crystal Mills, Franchisee & Nutrition Consultant

I spent my entire life overweight and as I got older and moved out on my own I became even more unhealthy! It impacted my entire life in all aspects; socially, intimately, career wise and not to mention how I felt in my own body and mind everyday. I really felt like there was a slimmer, healthier and more confident woman on the inside and I didn’t want many more years to pass and not bring her out and enjoy a better quality of life. My motivation?? Losing my mother to cancer when she was only 39 and I was 17, then my grandfather due to diabetes and being overweight, then my foster father to a heart attack when he was just 54, all within 3 years. When I had my 2 boys in 2005 and 2007 I knew I wanted them to have a healthy and happy mother. Knowing what I’m faced with genetically I wanted to make my body as strong and healthy as possible so that if faced with an illness I am strong to fight! Losing 70 lbs 8 years ago changed my life in every way and lead me to helping others also change their lives. I became a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Specialist, Licensed also to teach Zumba and Piloxing and have been successfully teaching in the community for 5 years. I have had the pleasure of helping many lose weight and even gain weight. I enjoy teaching folks how to live a healthy and active lifestyle and how to become stronger both mentally and physically. It’s not just about reshaping/retraining our bodies, but our minds. I am extremely excited for the opportunity that lies ahead with SFL! I believe in building great relationships and working together to find what is going to make YOU successful in reaching your goals in a way that works for your lifestyle. I find it very rewarding to help people find a happier and healthier version of themselves. I personally know how great this feels! With the right food and guidance anyone is able to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve incredible results!

Chris Moore, Nutrition Consultant

Growing up I was always involved in sports and being active with friends, but always ate sandwiches or had meat and potatoes kind of meals. Once at university, I realized my food choices were very basic and my food options started to change as I began trying different things. I also became more aware of how to fuel my body with those foods. After graduating, I began coaching, leading group fitness and yoga classes, 1:1 personal training and teaching. I had to find multiple ways to motivate and stay connected with clients. I enjoy cooking my own food and trying new recipes. I am very passionate, personable, and easy to get along with but am ready to give you that extra nudge you may need.

Amanda Bond, Nutrition Advisor

7 years ago I made it my mission to figure out what was causing my eczema. One Christmas I wore cotton gloves because the skin on my palms was weeping and bleeding. Three dermatologists couldn't figure it out, but after I started writing a food diary I saw a big pattern - sugar, a lot of refined sugar and over processed foods with ingredients that I couldn't even read! After focusing more on my food choices and what I was putting into my body I saw a huge improvement with my eczema. Since then I have started to read food labels and focus more on quality and less about quantity. I love how wholesome foods make me feel. I have more energy, my skin is clearer, and my mental health improves greatly. I love cooking and baking from scratch with my daughter, it teaches her to be creative, we grow our own fruit and vegetables and she learns where her food comes from, and how it’s grown. After working as a make-up artist for 10 years I decided to make a career change. I had just given birth to my daughter and was struggling with depression but the gym was my happy place. Now I am a certified personal trainer, and a gymnastics & trampoline coach, adding nutrition into the mix just made sense. I love to make people feel better about themselves and have always enjoyed volunteering. I believe that everyone should feel; self love, self respect and self worth.