Simply For Life St. John’s (NL)

At Simply For Life St. John’s, we empower people in our community to achieve their ultimate health by adopting simple yet profound nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our program is based on real, whole food, and lots of motivation and accountability. It’s that simple.

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You’ll work with your consultant to determine the best option for your needs. We offer in person consultations or online consultations for those who are unable to get into the clinic. Nutrition Transition: Each week our Nutrition Experts motivate with vital nutritional 
information and transition your meal plan as your body is rejuvenated with wholesome foods.
  • Weekly teaching & coaching
  • Customized meal plans
  • Food journal
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Managing Solo is the most important part of the program. Achieve your health goals and graduate to the best part of the program – maintenance.
  • Bi-weekly teaching & coaching
  • Creating your own meal plans
  • Learn to introduce favourite foods
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
Health Freedom: This is the beginning of a healthier life. Empower is like a touchstone. Once a month, meet with your nutrition expert for a quick check-up to keep grounded and on track.
  • Monthly teaching & coaching
  • Educational handouts & recipes
  • Online access to MySFL
  • Gain your health freedom!
We also offer specialty programs such as our Transform – Fat Burn Protocol, Digestive Cleanse, Restorative Detox and tailored competition programs for athletes of any sport or skill level. SFL @work programs can also be arranged through your workplace, and we offer single individual meal plans if you're just looking for a taste of Simply For Life. Contact us today to find out more! Book a Consultation

Meet the Team

Gail Vaughan, Franchisee

Gail fell in love with nutrition and healthy living while attending University. For years Gail suffered from poor health, low energy and frequent infections. It wasn’t until she began to look closely at the foods she was eating and her overall lifestyle that her health improved. She graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Degree in Linguistics, with the intention of pursuing a career in Audiology. But by this time her love of health and fitness sent her on a different path. She then attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Halifax, Nova Scotia and graduated with Honours with a post graduate diploma in Natural Nutrition. Gail loves to live a healthy lifestyle focusing on eating whole foods and being active. She loves to cook, bake and spend time in her own vegetable and fruit garden. When she isn’t meeting clients or helping out in the Natural Food Market, Gail can be found spending time outdoors with her husband and two boys or at a hot yoga class!

Robyn Brockerville, BSN Nutrition and Dietetics

Robyn has always been fascinated by the human body, biochemistry and the profound impact our food choices have on overall health. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (Dietetics Option) from Acadia University, Robyn joined the Simply For Life St. John’s team in the summer of 2016. She understands that food is a powerful tool in preventative medicine, and an essential pillar of treatment for most existing health issues. Using simple, real food solutions Robyn takes particular interest in helping clients discover and manage food sensitivities/intolerances, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve their cardiovascular health markers. Early in life Robyn struggled with disordered eating and body image issues. Finding the balance between moderation with food and healthy levels of exercise has been a challenge for her over the years. Living the Simply For Life lifestyle has helped her to create realistic goals, control emotional eating, lose over 40lbs, and stop the dreaded yo-yo dieting cycle. Robyn is passionate about helping others do the same, and break the diet cycle. Working together with her clients she focuses on finding foods they are excited to eat (not diet food) that work functionally with their food preferences, family structure and busy lifestyles. Picky eater? Crazy work schedule? Not big on cooking? Robyn is always up for the challenge. Robyn maintains an active lifestyle and when she’s not in the office you can find her rocking a spin class, hiking, running, practicing yoga or scaling mountains (like Machu picchu). Robyn combines her former experience as a competitive wrestler and runner with her nutrition education to help many runners and other athletes optimize their diet and benefit their performance. When improving health through nutrition, the possibilities are endless and Robyn is excited to help you take the first step on your journey to better health.

Danice Kelly, RD & Nutrition Advisor

Danice Kelly is a Registered Dietitian and health enthusiast from St. John’s, Newfoundland. When she was a hairstylist, she discovered that her passion was in health and wellness, and at 26 years old decided to get her education in nutrition. Not only did she receive a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Acadia University, she completed her one-year dietetic internship with Eastern Health. She has also continued her learning in natural nutrition and mindfulness/mindful eating. She believes that being your healthiest self includes more than just eating well and being active - It involves being mindful in everyday life. Danice recognizes that being mindful about WHAT and HOW you eat can have a profound impact on your overall health– it can improve your eating habits and your relationship with food; your weight, digestion, and complexion; energy levels; mental health; sleep; as well as positively impact risk and management of disease (i.e. high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol). She has personally experienced the many benefits of how eating well and living more mindfully can significantly enhance your life. She has improved her IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms, anxiety, sleep and complexion with eating well and mindfulness practices such as, yoga, meditation and journaling. That is why she has led a workshop (with a yoga instructor) about living and eating more mindfully and has a few more workshops planned for the near future. She also loves to teach people easy ways to meal prep and shares her advice and food pictures/recipes on her social media pages. Blogging has also become a part of her practice as a Dietitian to share her love for food and nutrition. Food is medicine! Nature provides beautiful nourishing foods that our bodies need to survive and work properly, and therefore she encourages a diet rich in these foods (plant-based whole foods). Danice is here to help you gain control over your health with the use of individualized nutrition education, meal plans and mindfulness techniques that work best for you. Let her be a part of your journey, to guide and support you while improving your health and wellness. You deserve all the health and happiness this world has to offer, and she knows that it can be yours.