The Program

Stage 1: Your Transformation Begins

Your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life and sustained weight management begins today.

Lifestyle transformation: population you! We’ll create a custom meal plan for you, consisting of whole, natural food from your favourite grocery store or the Simply For Life Natural Market, and provide you with one-on-one, weekly nutrition consulting from one of our motivating consultants.

Throughout this phase, you’ll find that you’ll become more energized and, overall, feel better – not to mention you’ll fit into your clothes a bit better! It’s all about whole foods and lifestyle change. No diet. No calorie counting. All progress.

1: Transformation

  • Weekly one-on-one consultations begin. Establish your health, wellness, and/or weight loss goals with your Simply For Life consultant.
  • Get custom meal plans, as well as coaching, teaching, and motivation tailored to your individual goals.
  • Take advantage of our online recipe bank with thousands of healthy recipes, handy shopping lists, easy to use food journal, and your own private online portal.
  • Use our dining out guides.
  • Available in 3, 6 or 12-month options.

Stage 2: Maintaining the New You

2: Maintenance

Sustain and maintain your new lifestyle with help from your nutrition consultant, while also learning new tools to become more independent on your nutrition journey

  • With your goals reached, build on your achievements and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one consultations begin. You’ll continue to receive custom coaching, teaching, and motivation.
  • Learn how to create your own healthy and delicious meal plans.
  • Continue accessing your own private online portal.
  • Learn how to introduce your favourite foods in a healthy way.

Stage 3: Graduating – Becoming an Alumni

Gradually becoming more independent with your new lifestyle, you’ll use the tools you’ve learned to continue on your nutrition journey.

3: Simply For Life Alumni

  • After learning how to maintain the new you, you’ll be on your own but not alone.
  • Monthly one-on-one consultations begin. You’ll still receive all the coaching, teaching, and motivation needed to stay on track and fully enjoy your transformed life.
  • Continue accessing your own private online portal.

Stage 4: Member For Life

FOR LIFE! We told you it’s a lifestyle and not a diet, didn’t we?

4: Health Freedom for Life

  • Congrats! You’re set with tools to maintain your lifestyle — for life.
  • Receive free monthly and express weigh-ins.
  • Continue accessing your own private online portal.
  • Stay within 4lbs to earn Member For Life status.

Services may be covered under your health insurance. Check with your provider.