Specialty Programs

Based on our breakthrough core program, our specialty programs are tailored to address specific needs and lifestyles.

Managing Chronic Disease & Inflammation

Specific nutrition needs for inflammation and/or chronic diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis, stroke, mood and sleep disorders, and more.

The Healthy Shift Worker

Who is this program for? For those who do not sleep well and have difficulty in setting a healthy sleep routine, those who can’t stay alert at work, those who eat too much or not enough during their shifts and even those who feel like their social life has been affected by their work schedule. This program helps to create a healthier routine with your shift work schedule.

Restorative Detox

The 28 Day Restorative Detox doesn’t just involve specific foods, it also involves reducing the amount of chemicals you are exposed to every day. The program will help to restore your body and mind and increase your energy levels. Includes 4 one-on-one consultations.

Simply Keto

Our new 12-week ketogenic protocol, developed from peer-reviewed research, is designed to deliver smart tools and education for optimal results. Burn fat for fuel and energy.

Digestive Cleanse

Your digestive system is essential for optimal health! It effects how you feel, your energy level, and how easily you lose weight! Put your “tummy troubles” in check with our Digestive Cleanse.

Simply For Life @Work

Healthy environment = happier workplace. Give your employees the flexibility and convenience to be motivated to change their health. Consultants will come to you at your place of work! Register at least 12 employees and we’ll provide them with one-on-one on-site weekly consultations and personalized meal plans. We also offer health and wellness Lunch & Learns, cooking classes, group fitness shops, and our inter-office health challenge.

Register your workplace today by contacting Scott Anderson at scott.anderson@simplyforlife.com.

Student Life

Student life is an amazing time for young adults, however it comes with big changes and stressors. Finding balance between studying, fitness, and nutrition is key to your academic success.

Sport & Performance Nutrition

Take your game to the next level — no matter your level of sport. We have helped professional athletes, Olympians, and amateurs increase their speed, strength, endurance and power with the right nutrition. Ask about our Sports Nutrition program today!

Bridal Bliss

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Feeling and looking your best is what all brides strive for. We’ll take care of your nutrition program while you plan your wedding.