At Simply For Life we are more than just science, we are humans with common sense.

Imagine , finally a coach that will partner with you at navigating your ups and downs. Your coach will make you accountable and understand that lifestyle and weight loss are roller coasters. They will provide you with the tools and solutions you need so that you can change your story and succeed on your journey.

At Simply For Life we are more than just science, we are humans with common sense.

4 Stages of Life - Because It's not a Diet - It's a Lifestyle

As a leading provider of lifestyle and nutrition programs, we understand the struggles facing many in their quest for health and happiness. Our core program was designed to simplify our clients nutritional needs by delivering a custom solution that is sustainable for life. While fad diets, calorie restriction and magic pills are quick fixes, we believe that in order to be truly successful, you need to consume real foods that complement your body's unique composition and needs. We’re constantly improving and developing new specialized programs that target the increasing chronic diseases caused by lifestyle and nutrition. Real. Simple. For Life.

Stage 1

Your Transformation Begins

Your journey to a healthier, happier life and sustained weight management begins today.

Yes we are tough love, but also great listener. A coach will keep you accountable weekly with a program that is personalize to your goals and needs by meeting you where you are in life. Your coach becomes more than just a face to report to, they partner with you side-by-side on your journey!

We do listen !!

You will be feeling better with more energy and of course your attitude will change towards understanding better Nutrition. At the same time your coach will keep the element of surprise with lifestyle hacks that work so that you don’t lose interest.

We get it nutrition can be boring…

Here is what to expect in this stage:

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions begin. Establish your health, wellness, and/or weight loss goals with your Simply For Life coach.
  • Get custom meal plans, as well as coaching, teaching, and motivation tailored to your individual goals.
  • Take advantage of our online recipe bank with thousands of healthy recipes, handy shopping lists, easy to use food journal, and your own private online portal.
  • Use our dining out guides.
  • Available in 3, 6 or 12-month options.
Your Transformation Begins
Stage 2

Maintaining the New You

Sustain and maintain your new lifestyle with help from your nutrition coach, while also learning new tools to become more independent on your nutrition journey.

  • With your goals reached, build on your achievements and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one sessions begin. You’ll continue to receive custom coaching, teaching, and motivation.
  • Learn how to create your own healthy and delicious meal plans.
  • Continue accessing your own private online portal.
  • Learn how to introduce your favourite foods in a healthy way.
Maintaining the New You
Stage 3

Becoming your own coach

Becoming more independent with your new lifestyle, you’ll use the tools you’ve learned to continue on your nutrition journey. But don’t worry, we’re always here to help if you need us.

In this stage you’re not alone, you’ll still receive:

  • Monthly one-on-one sessions with your coach to keep you motivated and on track while fully enjoying the freedom and feeling good!
  • Continue accessing your own private online portal.
Becoming your own coach
Stage 4

Member For Life!

We told you it’s a lifestyle and not a diet, didn’t we?

  • Congrats! You’re set with tools to maintain your lifestyle – for life.
  • Receive FREE monthly and express weigh-ins.
  • Continue accessing your own private online portal.
  • Stay within 4lbs to earn Member For Life status.
Member For Life!

Based on our breakthrough core program, our specialty programs are tailored to address specific needs and lifestyles.

The Healthy Shift Worker

The Healthy Shift Worker

Who is this program for? For those who do not sleep well and have difficulty in setting a healthy sleep routine, those who can’t stay alert at work, those who eat too much or not enough during their shifts and even those who feel like their social life has been affected by their work schedule. This program helps to create a healthier routine with your shift work schedule.

Restorative Detox

Restorative Detox

The 28 Day Restorative Detox doesn’t just involve specific foods, it also involves reducing the amount of chemicals you are exposed to every day. The program will help to restore your body and mind and increase your energy levels. Includes 4 one-on-one coaching sessions.

Simply Keto

Simply Keto

Our new 12-week ketogenic protocol, developed from peer-reviewed research, is designed to deliver smart tools and education for optimal results. Burn fat for fuel and energy.

Digestive Cleanse

Digestive Cleanse

Your digestive system is essential for optimal health! It effects how you feel, your energy level, and how easily you lose weight! Put your "tummy troubles" in check with our Digestive Cleanse.

Student Life

Student Life

Student life is an amazing time for young adults, however it comes with big changes and stressors. Finding balance between studying, fitness, and nutrition is key to your academic success.

Sport & Performance Nutrition

Sport & Performance Nutrition

Take your game to the next level — no matter your level of sport. We have helped professional athletes, Olympians, and amateurs increase their speed, strength, endurance and power with the right nutrition. Ask about our Sports Nutrition program today!

The Simply For Life @Work Program

Incorporating the Simply For Life @Work Program as a wellness incentive for your employees will give them the tools to be motivated and change their health with a supportive and proven protocol. A healthier workforce will improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and cut your company’s health care costs.

Simply For Life is leading the way, with results-driven nutrition counseling that allows individuals to lose weight and manage medical conditions. Companies across Canada are turning to us as a way to reduce and stabilize health premiums by offering their employees exclusive perks such as this program.

As leaders in Health and Wellness since 2001 with over 30 locations across Canada – Simply For Life knows what works.

Targeted Goals:
reduce medications = stabilize your health premiums
reduce sick days = increase efficiency
reduce stress = increase productivity & morale

The program:
Six Monthly Wellness Workshops
Team Building Exercises
Monthly Roadmaps
Access to Private Video Learning Library Employee Perks
• Unlimited Participants

Wellness Workshops
Provide your employees with a fun and educational monthly wellness workshop series delivered by one of our nutrition and lifestyle experts. Available in person (where applicable) and virtually across Canada.

Topics include:
• Energy
• Stress
• Vitality
• Focus

Each month, participants will be emailed a recording of the previous Wellness Workshop, as well as a downloadable roadmap with activities and resources you can put into action immediately.

Team Building Exercises
Being surrounded by people who are working towards the same goal is a great way to change old habits. We’ll encourage your team with hydration, movement, and mindfulness challenges to move the dial forward on our goal of whole body health.

A few of the companies who have experienced success with an @Work Partnership:
Alberta Cancer Board, Atlantic Lotto, Bell Aliant, Blue Cross, City of Saint John, Conoco Phillips, CP Rail, Devon Energy, EnerPlus, IBM, Irving Oil, NB Power, NB Heart Centre, Nexen, Norton Rose Fulbright, NS Teacher’s Union, RCMP, SJ Energy, TD Insurance, WestJet, Wyndham, Xerox

On-site consultations available, request a quote.
Our nutrition services may be covered by your
extended health care plans. Ask us for details!

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I became a member of SFL at a time in my life where I felt like everything was out of control. My body, my health and my mind needed an overhaul. Fast forward to the present, I am in control of my exercise, my meals and my attitude. Eating whole becomes a way of life and a mindset. I am my best version of ME!

Connie C.
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